Ride For Cancer

Ride Details

The Barrie Construction Association
“Ride For Cancer”

“The Rowdy Ride For Cancer”
in Honour of Rob Desroches

To Be Announced Soon for 2022

Registration Cost:
1 Rider $__ & $__ Per Passenger
Ride to include ___________________.

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Ride Start Location:
To be announced



BBQ Lunch:
Location to be announced

Sponsored By:
To be announced


Ride end:
To be announced

——————————————– Registration Details ————————————————

Register by clicking here. Fill out the form, top up your donation if you wish and submit. You will be taken to PayPal where you can pay by credit card or with your PayPal account. Make sure you are brought back to the ride website automatically or click the return button to ensure your profile is created on the site.

You will receive a donation receipt by email from PayPal as well as a copy of your registration form from the website and your ride login details for your profile on the website.

Click the “login” button on the website, enter your username and password provided in the email. Look at the upper right area of your screen for the “Howdy” message and that is your admin area to adjust your settings. You can personalize your profile picture there.

On your profile page you will see two tabs in the lower area of which one says “Donations” for people to submit a donation and the other tab says “sponsors” which shows people who have donated to sponsor you. Your total will update as more people sponsor you on the ride.

If you wish to promote the ride and your profile on social media to get more sponsors, simply click one of the social media icons on your profile page. It will automatically take you to the site you wish with a message from our “Ride For Cancer” website. If you are using FaceBook, you can add a personal message to the top as your share message.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you on ride day!

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